ThinkTel Services: Solutions Beyond Your Expectations

At ThinkTel, we strive to provide the best possible solutions by setting our sights beyond your expectations. Committed to delivering innovation, we utilize synergistic, collaborative planning to stay in full alignment with your goals and objectives. Our professionals leverage leading-edge technologies and business experience to identify opportunities and drive business process improvements. With deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and a proven track record, ThinkTel can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help clients improveperformance.

Specializing in network architecture of mobile and high-speed wireless data systems—including WiMax, LTE, UMB, CDMA, iDEN, EVDO, GSM/Edge, and UMTS/HSPA networks—ThinkTel provides a complete range of expertise in network design, network optimization and maintenance, and project/program management. And ThinkTel supplies the logical link between technology investments and business needs, working to energize and transform your business by establishing success criteria, tracking milestones, reporting progress, and diligently managing timelines and budgets.

ThinkTel services are built on three major business initiatives:

1. Expert Outsourcing
Individual technical, management and business process consultants As operators and telecom equipment manufacturers strive for new sources of innovation, efficiency and competitive advantage, outsourcing is increasingly chosen as a means to achieve these goals. ThinkTel supplies talented engineering and project/program management consultants for specific, limited-term projects. We focus on finding the right person for the job, as expediently as possible, with appropriate training, positive work ethic and enthusiasm for the project.

2. Technology and Management Consulting
Delivery of full or partial turn-key projects
Operators and telecom equipment manufacturers consistently upgrade and optimize their RF networks and equipment, not only to reduce costs but to build competitive advantage and market share. ThinkTel complements its clients’ core competencies by delivering full or partial turn-key projects quickly and cost-effectively. We provide full deployment of networks from beginning to end, leaving clients free to concentrate on delivery of their own compelling wireless services.

3. Complete System Solutions
Providing innovative services, solutions and products
ThinkTel works with leading communications, content and high-tech companies, recognizing the synergies and opportunities that can be leveraged within and across all three. We contract with highly reliable individuals and vendors to help you develop and implement innovative products, services and solutions that offer genuine appeal to the end-user.


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