Network Planning & Design

For new or existing networks, ThinkTel provides Radio Frequency (RF) services to design the optimal location, quantity and configuration of cell sites and how they should be interconnected to a Public Switching Telephone Network or Internet. We also understand that growth is part of the equation. We can help you plan for future expansion with a capacity and coverage analysis that forecasts when and where additional cell sites or equipment will be required.

ThinkTel's technology expertise

  • iDEN
  • WiMAX, LTE & HSPA+
  • Microwave & LMDS

Snapshot of Network Planning & Design Capabilities Including But Not Limited to:

  • Preliminary RF design
  • CW testing
  • Link Budget Analysis
  • Initial model tuning & propagation model optimization
  • Initial radio network design
  • Capacity planning
  • Frequency/PN planning
  • Intermodulation study
  • Traffic analysis
  • Radio network acceptance proposal
  • Site visit and evaluation
  • Construction drawing review



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