About Us

With advances in technology driving rapid demand for new services, businesses are operating in a volatile and intensely competitive marketplace. At ThinkTel, our goal is to cost-effectively support your company by providing the resources and innovative solutions it needs to bring new revenue-generating services and equipment to the market quickly and efficiently.

ThinkTel delivers engineering, technology and management expertise worldwide in wireless network design and IT consulting services.

ThinkTel offers optimal systems and technologies to meet the growing demands of business. Our extensive technical and business experience allow us to offer a broad range of IT services: consulting, business intelligence, implementations, testing, and upgrades as well as product support and management.

Wireless network design competencies include WiMAX, LTE (long-term evolution), and UMB (Ultra Mobile Broadband), iDEN, CDMA, EVDO (Rev A and B), GSM/Edge, and UMTS/HSPA.

Our employees and consultants stay at the cutting-edge to help you respond immediately to changes in the market, advancing technologies, and evolving customer needs.


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